My professional life has been dedicated to creative self-development and healing work. As an intuitive creative I have always attempted to follow my inner call when heard and express my own Truth delighting in facilitating others to do the same. I come from a visual arts background and after studying Painting at Liverpool I moved to the East Coast of Yorkshire to set up a studio Gallery in Whitby where I met my first teacher and began my inner journey. I initially trained in Humanistic Psychology and Postural Integration, a form deep tissue bodywork which has always informed my practise, followed some years later with Person Centred Art Therapy training. I have recently completed training as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner beautiful, powerful and gentle healing work which resonates with my soul, calling me home to myself in many ways as I continue twisting and turning my way through life.

Over the past 30 years, I have held and facilitated Women’s circles and creative healing workshops and love collaborating and co-creating with others. I have been part of various Women’s collectives dedicated to adding more colour, joy and awareness to Life, including being a founder member of ‘Flying Ducks’ a loose collective of Women coming from varied arts background with a love and enthusiasm for Life and making things happen and ‘Celebrate Women’ a three-week event in Somerset blending art, music, storytelling, therapy alongside drinking cups of tea and eating cake.

My love of the Land and awareness of energy has shown through landscape painting, working with Labyrinths and Land Art and working alongside other healers, geomancers and Firewalkers. Being a mother has always been a central focus for my life. I am now also a grandmother and am blessed to be part of several intergenerational tribes and gatherings. Walking the path of the Sacred Feminine is not without its lessons and challenges. The journey continues, growth and change are inevitable. I have always valued embodied wisdom and consider my spirituality, creativity and sensuality as integrated and essential ingredients to my experience and ability to live life as fully and gracefully as possible as a Woman.