I was born into a filmmaking family. My early years were spent in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. In 1968, when the Russian occupied my country, I emigrated to the Federal Republic of Germany. After my internship, which I completed as a film editor in 1974, I moved to Spain. There I worked several years for the ZDF-TV in studio Madrid. During these years I was introduced to new alternative ways of life and to spirituality. My experience was further broadened through travelling to foreign countries. In the 80 this, when we moved to the countryside we tried to be self-sufficient and started an organic farm in Galicia, Spain. The contact with nature has enriched my life and since then I have the feeling that Lady Gaya gives me everything I need to live. In 1986 I moved back to Germany. I work as a freelance editor for different chanal HR, ZDF and SWR- TV. In 1996, after two-year I lived in the Community of Findhorn in Scotland, I took the courage to start making films myself. This creative work is a great passion of mine. Since then many films have been made. One of my favourite documentaries is about “Eileen Caddy, the Story of Findhorn”. The documentary “Pilgrimage to the heart of Tibet” has been shown several times in 3sat and Phonix, TV in Germany.
Filmmaking has been passed down for generations through my family, one of my sons is the fourth generation. I speak 5 languages.