Having trained as an architect and developing an interest in performance and
storytelling, led me into the field of theatre. Since 1998 I have been designing
and making sets, props and costumes for theatre and film projects in the UK
and Germany.
I have been involved in a variety of social and community arts projects, such
as travelling to a Bosnian refugee camp to teach teenagers circus skills;
teaching adults with mental health difficulties to make props and costumes for
school theatre groups and co-creating bi-annually a theatre play for a music
festival in Germany, involving a whole village.
My passion lies in the transformative aspect of the creative process. May that
be physical, social, environmental or spiritual.
Since 2013 I have been co-facilitating experimental art workshops with
Michael. I experience deep gratitude and joy in exploring, sharing and
developing the creative potential which lies in all of us and supporting others
on their individual paths as well as contributing to the evolution of our
collective creative consciousness.
If you would like to know more or get in contact with me, please visit my
website at www.sabineschroepel.wordpress.com