In fact, I do not teach creativity. We are all creative! I merely facilitate people to release what is keeping them from fully expressing their creativity. As I see this process unfold in person after person, I am led to a profound awareness that each of us are divine expressions of the creative principle.

My own journey took me on a sail boat in the Caribbean for 15 years. In between trips I worked as an artist in France giving both art therapy retreats and exhibitions in various countries—Greece, America, Caribbean Islands, Corsica. As time went on I found myself drawn deeply to the study of self-knowledge: Gestalt Massage in Paris, then Hatha Yoga training under Dharma Mittra in New York, then 200 hours of teacher training at Sivanandha ashram in Neyyar South Kerala. Finally I came to the Art therapy school of Gerald Quitaud in France.

Since January 2010 I have been offering Art Therapy workshops in Marocco, India and France. Contact Tel: +33 06 87 49 62 69 Web:


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