Gabi Gogan is a life coach and consultant.
I live in the Uk and I grew up in Romania. For the past 15 years, I have worked with a range of groups in the voluntary sector in all sorts of roles, sometimes a s a trainer, facilitator and sometimes a s a volunteer manager. Whichever role I took I learn that I loved working with people and people loved working with me.  I planted 10.000 trees somewhere by a monastery in Romania. I helped build a straw bale house. I organised an international summer gathering for 500 young people where we learned about sustainable communities. I set up an intentional community in Stanciova, Romania and I sit on their board of directors. I laugh, love, live and work with passion, from my heart. In my work as a life coach I draw from all these life experiences to guide people through their own processes of self exploration.

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