Lorena Granata is a Reiki Master and Theta DNA Healing teacher who regularly delivers seminars in London. She is an explorenna-200x250erienced practitioner, working with clients across the world, using intuitive insight and a range of highly effective techniques to bring about a profound transformation in people’s lives. She is passionate about helping others to empower themselves in their healing, creating the life they really want to live and developing their psychic abilities. Lorena, whose medicine name is Earth Singing Heart, has more than 20 years experience in Shamanic healing and ceremony, working with groups of children and adults. A born intuitive, she works closely with her power animals and nourishes a very strong connection to the spirit and natural world.




Kasia Sikora is an experienced rebirther and breath worker, an instructor in Theta Healing and meditation, a life coachkasia-200x250 and Family Constellations practitioner. A loving mother, she delivered her own child using the techniques she is teaching. Kasia is highly experienced in working with children and running breath classes in schools; she also offers workshops for adults and has given seminars in Poland and England. Kasia works with people from many different backgrounds, achieving impressive results and helping people to get in touch with their inner power and knowledge She is an intuitive guide with insight and trust in the power of breathing. She has been interviewed on UK TV and radio.


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