My family hails from the South West of Ireland and the
North East of England but I took my young self off, at the
age of 27, to the foot of mount Pelion, where I’ve been
living ever since. I’m an English tutor, bilingual in Greek,
a translator and mother to two girls. For many years, I
was a lactivist and supported a local breastfeeding group
and this remains a passion of mine. I have played the guitar
and sung semi-professionally throughout my life. When
my children were younger, I organised an annual
summer solstice festival for children in the local park.
Just before my 50th birthday, I joined a rock band! I’m a
trained and experienced lay-counsellor with an
international organisation called Re-Evaluation Co-
Counselling. I sometimes sit in circles and learn about
different ways of communicating, like the Way of Council.
I trade with the Volos TEM local currency in a LETS trade
and exchange network in Volos. I also get involved in
local eco-activism. I love trees.