Kalikalos is, by nature of its international character, diverse in many ways. People who join our community, whether for a week or for the whole summer, bring with them a variety of cultural, ethnic and other experiences that add spice to our community living. These differences can also sometimes contribute to conflict and loss of connection. Our Restorative Menu is in place to help us address these situations.

Restorative Menu

When disconnection or conflict arises, whatever the scale, we can choose one or more of the options in our restorative menu, described below. The further down the list, the greater the complexity of the option and the level of community resources required. While there may be a linear progression between different options, there is no set order or formula. We ask all community members to consent to doing their best to follow this menu when disconnection or conflict arises.

  • Inner Process: When I experience disconnection or conflict, I do my own inner process to connect with the experience and understand what is precious to me.
  • Individual Support: I ask a friend or colleague to be present to me while I express what’s alive and help me understand what is precious to me in the situation. This person refrains from taking sides or jumping on-stage with me.
  • Direct Conversation: If I feel resourced and ready to talk to the other person in the interaction, I can seek out a direct conversation.
  • Supported Conversation: The other person or I can request support from someone else as a neutral third party, to help us hear each other.
  • Other Processes: In some cases it might be beneficial to bring in other practices and processes which may involve more people or skilled facilitation. Here are several examples:
    • Sharing or Feedback Circle
    • Formal Mediation
    • Dialogue Roadmap (DRM)
    • Restorative Circle