As well as being a community, the Kalikalos Holistic Centre is a business. We owe it to ourselves and to our volunteers, workshop participants and guests, to be good stewards of the financial resources of the community and to maintain economic sustainability.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is based on several factors, including role in the community, type of contribution and (for volunteers) type of work being performed. For details about each item, visit the pages linked below. All prices shown are current as of November 2021 and may change in the future.

  • Workshop Participants typically pay between €450 and €600 for full-price participation in a workshop. There may be discounts available for early-bird registration (up to six weeks prior to the workshop), group registrations, Greek participants, and young participants. These discounts vary by workshop and are detailed in the respective workshop listings.
  • Community Guests pay €300 per week. While guests are asked to offer a minimal amount of “karma yoga” through the Rota System, in general their contribution covers food, accommodation and beach transport with few other expectations.
  • Facilitators in Residence (FIRs) pay €135 per week and are invited to make session offerings in exchange for payment. They contribute to the Rota System and Daily Tasks and have two days off per week.
  • Regular Volunteers typically pay €90 per week. They contribute to the Rota System, Daily Tasks and other areas of work around the center. There may be opportunities for reduced tuition on a case-by-case basis, usually for longer periods of volunteering or exceptional personal circumstances.
  • Work-Exchange Volunteers include all the members of the core team, who receive food and accommodation in exchange for taking more responsible roles at the centre during the season. There may also be limited work-exchange positions available at certain times for volunteers who offer unique or professional-level skills sought by the community.
  • Accommodation Supplements may be charged for upgraded or single accommodations, typically an extra €150 per week. This charge is currently not assessed, due to the need for single accommodation for all guests during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Planning and Tracking

One of the main responsibilities of the core team members serving as Centre Focalisers is budget planning and financial tracking. During the season, this includes tracking cash payments from guests as well as expenditures and bills. Off-season, this includes ensuring the right mix of workshops to maintain financial sustainability during the season.