When members of a community maintain shared understanding, we are more likely to function together with connection, equivalence and effectiveness. Our Information system consists of external and internal strategies to help insure that everyone has access to information that contributes to shared understanding before, during and after their stay.


This website is our primary, year-round external strategy for sharing information about our community, location and programs. It includes an integrated booking and guest management system and various helpful external links. The website and e-mail system are our main means of communicating with all community members before and after their visit to Kalikalos Anilio.

We also publish a quarterly newsletter to our audience of about 2,500 subscribers and have a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.


During the season, we share information and cultivate shared understanding with people on-site through two primary strategies: display boards and meetings and circles. Please visit the Inclusion & Participation System page for related information.

Display Boards: We display much of our information on various boards located in public view near the office. Some of these include:

  • Rota Board listing all of the cooking and cleaning shifts for the week, as well as upcoming arrivals and departures, daily tasks and other useful information.
  • Transport Boards where we coordinate transport to and from area beaches and other destinations.
  • Offers Board where community members can offer their own sessions for fun and connection.
  • Room Map which displays who is in what room, updated on a weekly basis or as needed.
  • Daily Operations Board helps the staff organize and manage ongoing work.
  • Notice Board displays various other information such as bus schedules, phone numbers, etc.

Meetings & Circles: Community members gather regularly to share information, plan daily work and connect.

  • Weekly Community Circle is held at the beginning of each workshop week to provide all community members with shared information about our practices, rhythms and requests.
  • Daily Operational Meeting is attended by all staff to coordinate the day’s work and other tasks.
  • Daily Dinner Circle is another opportunity to make announcements and share important information.