With all that happens in a day at Kalikalos, and all that happens in community, personal wellbeing is very important. When we take time to take care of ourselves, we regain our resilience and become more effective in our roles. Here are some of the ways we can do this on an ongoing basis:

  • Free Time. Each day features ample free time for all community members. This typically includes the hours before breakfast, the afternoon between about 14:30 and 18:00 and the evenings before and after dinner for people who are not “on-shift” during those times. During free time, people have ample choice of what to do – or not to do! We provide free vehicle transportation to and from area beaches each afternoon. There are also opportunities for walking, resting in the hammock, reading, napping, etc.
  • Play and Fun. In the course of each day at Kalikalos Anilio there are many occasions where fun and play arise. Whether you are in a workshop or working alongside fellow team members, these characteristics are always available. Depending on who is in the community, there may even be organized opportunities for group fun and play!
  • Spiritual Practices. Spiti ton Kentavron, the “home of the Centaurs,” is uniquely situated on the healing slopes of Pelion Mountain. We offer a nature sanctuary for individual and group spiritual practices, as well as the Long Room and Healing Yurt depending on availability. You may also of course enjoy the healing and spiritual aspects of sun, sea and forest anywhere around.
  • Days Off. For Community Participants and FIRs, especially those who are on staff for more than a few weeks, the weekly day off becomes a very important part of maintaining well-being. Whether you spend the day at the beach, go for an outing with friends, or just lounge in the hammock all day, your day off provides rest, renewal and recreation in the midst of your contributions to the centre.
  • Time Away. Long term staff, especially members of the core team who are present all season, thrive by taking time away periodically to rest, recover and renew. This is critical for those in positions of responsibility and stress to avoid burn-out and depletion.