Join a Group of Like-minded Holistic Friends in Summer 2021 at Kissos for 1 to 12 Weeks

5 June – 21 August  2021, €300/week

In 2020 Kissos campus did not open due to restrictions and uncertainty around the pandemic.

Undeterred, quite a few people gathered in the area and formed a spontaneous community based on shared experiences of their times at Kissos. ( Will add a paragraph and pictures of what that was like )

Inspired by this pop-up community, we would like to invite everybody who has ever been to Kalikalos-Kissos, (and also anyone who missed the chance to take part in the past), to come and visit this year as a community guest.

At this time it is hard to commit to dates and times of travel, so it’s unlikely that there will be a workshop programme. However, what is certain is that the rent will be paid one last time to honour our legal commitment with the landlord. So the house will be there, open and ready, to welcome guests for the summer period.

If you are inspired to join us for this last hurrah, to connect with the community and enjoy the delights of Pelion, please email Dorota Owen to show your interest. When circumstances allow for international travel we will be able to plan accordingly and arrange a preliminary programme, with estimated costs.

This will be the last opportunity to enjoy the Kissos campus in its current form and to reconnect with the joys of community in this very special mountain village.

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