Transformation with the Akashic Records, 15 – 22 August 2020 with Vicky Sweetlove, €450-600

Akashic Wisdom is a journey of self discovery and transformation and change working in the Akashic Records of yourself and others.

On this Akashic Records workshop you will know how to let go of the patterns that no longer serve you and listen to your heart and not your head, the ego which chatters to us all the time. We can then be more thoughtful and guided in our outlook for ourselves and others around us

You will learn to take more notice of the messages from nature and the synchronicities that you are shown every day that can help to inspire you on your true journey to be passionate, loving and givng in order to be fulfilled in your life.

Knowing you can change the past

You will be doing “mirror work,” looking deep into your body. In addition, you’ll work with a timeline of your past, present and future. This work helps you to identify your shadowside. Carl Jung calls the Shadowside “90% pure gold”. Working in your own Akashic Records with Akashic wisdom we delve into past life experiences and childhood traumas. We discover what is inherited in our DNA and our ancestry since all have an affect on our lives.

Akashic records group

The work with the Akashic Records will help you to understand the shadowside and accept it with love. In that way we come to understand other people’s conflicts and problems. This  heart centred approach makes us grateful for our own blessings in the lessons we will be learning from the shadowside.We are able then to release our “poor me scenarios” as we see  our  journey one of self discovery, We are able then to let go of limiting beliefs and values that we have all been taught since childhood.

We will be painting, crafting a ladder of life and doing journeying meditations as well as working with a partner. Come and join us for a fun transformative week in the Akashic Records.

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