With Marie-Therese king  and Josanne Broersen, 20 – 27 July 2019, €500,    (Kissos Campus)

A Journey of Discovery through Movement, Colour and Creativity

Kissos is an amazing natural setting, where the mountains meet the sea. Perfect surroundings for the senses to indulge in being, and letting creativity unfold. A week of nurturing ourselves in the moment, exploring movement and learning the magical artform of Batik.

Josanne invites you to experience the aliveness of movement, dance and music. There are no steps to learn, just the freedom to be as you are in this moment. Biodanza involves movement and dance, in a group dynamic, we move to the music according to the chosen theme of the session leading us into our creative flow.

Marie-Therese will guide you through the ancient art of Batik. This is a resist technique using layers of melted wax and dyes on fine Indonesian cotton. The Batik creations will evolve becoming richer and more vibrant as the week progresses. The process starts with quiet meditative focus and ends with the wax being cracked and dipped in coloured dyes – a really exciting experience.


Marie-Therese known as ‘M’ has been running art workshops for 20 years. For more information email
 mariethereseking69@hotmail.com This week is the first time she has collaborated with Josanne, a Biodanza facilitator, and yoga instructor. Josanne has offered Biodanza in Netherlands, Greece, Nepal, India, and Australia to both Adults and children. Together we are excited to offer this unique mix of art and movement at Kissos. The emphasis for the week will be to have fun with lightness, music, laughter and creative exploration.

Meditation in the Roundhouse