Deep Ecology with Tamara Alferoff

Deep Ecology is the Art of Living in Peace Through Climate Chaos, Personal & Social Challenge

8 – 15 August 2020, from €500    

Dear Seeker: You’ve landed here for a very good reason! This week introducing, emphasising and embracing  deep ecology will challenge you, nurture you, grow you, pamper you, recognise you in all your humanity. It will, in effect, meet you!

Perhaps you  have become aware of a growing need for Resilience, Resourcefulness and Connection in this global climate of alienation. Consequently you may experience needs for belonging, purpose and meaning, in other words, a sense of tribe.

This deep ecology week is an invitation to join with me in an exploration of how we can weather the storms that rage around us. Such storms may lie within our heart or our psyche. However, they may seem to be in our society, in our relationships, or in global climate chaos. How can we bring our creativity, intelligence, love and wisdom to bear on these issues? Let us tune in to what is being called up as Deep Ecology unfolds moment by moment in the Now.

deep ecology women

Every day we hear of species extinction. Deep ecology teaches us to tune in to different life forms. Moreover, it  invites us to  access other ways of knowing and to  become more comfortable with uncertainty and helplessness. Working together we’ll grow resilience, resources and affection. Moreover, we will discover new, transparent ways to communicate. In addition, we will laugh a lot, wail some, dance, play, relax, sing and shout.

Dreamwork, Archetypes, Voice Dialogue, Constellations, Inner Child, Creative Art & Movement, together with The Work of Byron Katie, Joanna Macy, Jem Bendell and Arnold Mindell will be our tried and tested resources.  With the help of these concepts we will move forward in this essential Inner and Outer Journey.

Deep Ecology is about Love, Leadership, Relationships, Mother Earth

Everything is unfolding around us just as it should. It may not appear that way! Each of us can lose our sense of trust, generosity, rightness, and love when everything seems to be collapsing around the world. As a result, we may become contracted, closed down, fearful, depressed, or angry.

When we cast blame around like flame-throwers, we burn ourselves in the process. Our parents, partners, offspring or friends may appear to be the agents of our pain. Alternatively, we  may focus on politicians (ours and theirs), arms or pharmaceutical dealers.

Be the Change You Want

deep ecology group

Looking for satisfaction, love and joy, some of us might seek solace in games, shopping, substances or sport,  Consequently, we cut ourselves off and become isolated, unhappy and lost. We band together in protests and marches. We campaign for this side or that.

Deep ecology may sound like hard work, too heavy, serious, and you’re wanting some light relief from the travails of daily life. We promise this will manifest as if by magic, courtesy of our unique location on Mt Pelion, Greece. Mythical Mt. Pelion offers its timeless healing power, the legacy of Chiron the Wounded Healer.  The abundance of Medicinal Herbs, the crystal clear waters that cascade all summer long through the forest and down enchanted mossy canyons are part of that magic.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Each afternoon you’ll be free to relax, snooze, socialise, wander the forest trails, or to make your way down to the sparkLING Aegean with its traditional villages, hospitable tavernas, useful shops, and clean, unspoilt beaches for blissful frolics in the waves.

The community that we create together is woven over the days by sharing in the general tasks of cooking, garden care, and clean-up after meals. Volunteers and Staff also provide mindful, warm support, and many of us have built deep & lasting friendships over the years.

In coming together for a deep ecology retreat such as this, you will discover hither untapped strengths, abilities, and resourcefulness, an inner ecosystem which acts as a microcosm of Mother Earth herself. Through tapping into the deeper feelings, you might be surprised to discover a timeless peace and stillness.  Working with others you will build resources to carry forward to your home, family, workplace and tribe. You could be inspired to begin a project, empower yourself and others, make that move, create community with old or new friends.  You will certainly go home with more resilience, equanimity, confidence, and love in your heart.

I will be available by appointment for some days after the week for 121 training & support.

Love always,

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