Dreams to Reality, 27 June – 4 July 2020 with Dorota Owen, €450

The Source of Inspiration is Within You

Dreams to Reality is the title of this workshop because these are the ingredients in any graceful transformation. We will use the tools of games, processes, art, music, dance, and reflection. With their aid, we intend co-create a fun-filled week which will nourish and inspire you. You will go home feeling nurtured, refreshed and re-energised.

Listening to the Whisperings of our Souls

dreams to reality

Many of us have heard the whispering of our souls, telling us this is not the right path, or that there is something else we are meant to do with the lifetime we have left. Those whisperings can manifest as an illness or as a breakdown in relationships, as sadness or stress. Whatever is going on which causes us pain, is telling us to pay attention.

Some underlying message needs to be heard. In this week together, we will be listening to one another in a deeply supportive field of presence,  allowing the whispers to be heard.  We will give them our full attention in a loving and generative context. We will spend  integrative time in nature, alone or with others, as we choose. By the end of this dreams to reality week together, you’ll  be ready to go back into the world with a renewed sense of purpose, You will have the knowledge about your next steps and and a desire to bring your dreams into reality

Dreams to Reality: Our daily schedule

We will meet every morning as a group to choose how we will connect with ourselves and each other to make the most of our time together, then in the afternoon we will spend time in nature, in the forests or at the beaches or walking through the mountain paths of Pelion. In the evenings we will gather for dinner at the centre, eat one night at a local taverna and mingle with our community under the ancient trees of Kissos village.

Our final evening will gather together our stories, songs and reflections around the fireplace , ready for our return home the next day


For More Information About this Workshop

Contact Dorota Owen dorotaowen@icloud.com

Website: www.dorotaowen.com

mob ++44 781 345 5152