A Fun Filled Family Holiday for Single and Couple Parents with Kids, 27 July – 8 August 2019

with Natalia de Reggi COST: €800,   (Children age 8 – 12, €400, age 4 – 7, €200)     (Kissos Campus)

Are you looking for a different kind of family holiday?

  • Would you like a family holiday where you can make new friends and create community and connection together?
  • Would you like to learn more about living with love and joy in your daily family routines?
  • Would you like your holiday to inspire you to live the life of your dreams?
  • Would you like to experience the holistic vision of Kalikalos with other like-minded families?

Come and Enjoy Our Community Near the Cozy Kissos Village!

Join us for two weeks in the lush nature of Pelion mountain, overlooking the amazing blue Greek sea. You will have time for sun and sea, for walking and relaxing, for playing and laughing together. During our family holiday there will be time for sharing conversations, listening to music or simply enjoying the natural silence.

We welcome families of all shapes and sizes: single parents, married parents, step-parents, partners straight or gay, friends, single people and young people of all ages and all family constellations.

What will we do?

Each group is different and the activities can change depending on the ages of the children and the different needs of the parents and children, therefore affording us a flexible programme. Our community rhythm helps everyone to feel relaxed.

There are the times for community clean-up, cooking and gardening together. There are times at the beach and there is time to simply be.

It is our intention to design the activities of the week with your input so we can be flexible and responsive to the needs of the group. So although there is some structure and routine, there is also lots of room to create the kind of holiday that you want and need for you and your family!

Come for a creative, nourishing, inspiring and fun family holiday !

Single Parents Welcome on Our Family Holiday!

A key element of the program is the community experience, where you and your family will live and play with the other families and rest of the Kalikalos community, helping one another and building the skills of community life.

So please don’t expect servants, child minders or assistants—you will be expected to join in with the gardening, cooking, cleaning and child-care—all the work still happens and you get to experience the fun of doing it the Kalikalos way: with love, mindfulness and together.


In the mornings after a buffet breakfast we begin our day with a sharing circle where we may start with a song and some stretching movements. Then we share how we feel and what we would like to do, and from that sharing we create the daily programme.

We may have fairy tales and  paintings, children yoga and dancing, cooking classes or exploratory walks to the nearby water falls. We can enjoy stone paintings or arty crafty laboratories, guided games and theatre improvisations.

At 1:30 we have a buffet lunch together, after which the Centre provides us with transport to the beach. On some days we may take our lunch in picnic boxes and go earlier to the beach.

Afternoons at the Beach

Here there is natural shade for the younger children and those of us who don’t need any more wrinkles. The sea is warm and clear and perfect for paddling, swimming and snorkelling. Time to rest, bathe, relax or play.

When we return from the beach, in the late afternoons everyone comes together to help with the community work, preparing dinner, watering or weeding the garden or harvesting vegetables. Through this work we get to know each other better and feel part of the community. For older children this can be a fun way to relate with different adults and learn life skills. Some children may hang out on the hammocks or walk down to the village for an ice cream.


After a vegetarian dinner and the clean-up “party”, in which everyone helps out according to a rota, the late evenings are quiet times. You may sit around the table and chat to your new friends, go on moonlight walks through the forest or simply hang out in the village cafes.

On Tuesdays we all go out for a taverna meal together (€ 14 price not included) to taste typical Greek food and where we may meet guests and participants from one of the other two Kalikalos campuses.

On Thursday evening we come together around the fireside  to share our week in celebration through songs, poems, skits and reflections. The last Thursday before departing we organise a cabaret with amusing children skits, songs, improvisation and dance. You can participate as much or as little as you like in the celebration. If you wish to bring musical instruments or other props for your sharing that would be great!

Kalikalos Community

The community of Kalikalos is very special. The place is beautiful. The light is sharp and bright, the air is clean and there is space to really just ‘be’.

There is a strong connection between the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and Kalikalos Centres in Greece. A main intention is to put love into action, to connect with nature and to create community through work and play together, adults and children.

It is most importantly the people who make Kalikalos the experience that it is, and we can’t wait for you to join us and to share in the discovery of the magic of this place.

There will be a two day break in the middle of the programme for unstructured rest and relaxation or local excursions.