I am an in-loved  mother and I an enthusiast teacher and I currently teach to children in a public experimental school in the countryside near Florence, in Italy. Natalia de Reggi

My passion about teaching children comes from having experienced a fantastic childhood in an experimental school.  A school where I didn’t have to study from boring text-books but rather through direct experiences with nature, art, writing poems, drawing churches, etc.

Later I studied at the Faculty of Humanities first, then Faculty of Pedagogy to obtain my teaching introduction.  

During this time I was also exposed to different work experiences: magazines, theatre and tourism. Whilst I was living for a while in London, I established the company Le Baccanti Ltd which specialised in organising wine and food tastings in Tuscany.

After some years I felt strongly inspired spiritually to be in a job which better matched my ethical values.

I joined several weekly retreats in the tradition of Thich Nath Hann, both in Italy (Institute Lama Tzong Khapa, in Pomaia, near Pisa) and in France (Plum Village, near Bordeaux).

My daughter Alma attended a Steiner kindergarten school for three years which made me decide to study the Rudolf Steiner Pedagogy.  I completed the one year course for teachers and it was a very enlightening and deep experience. I published a book for Educators with the collaboration of my University Professor.

I love animals and natural sounds during the day and dancing tango at night.

My wish is for my daughter and I to continue our formation and experiences with people that share our beliefs, being near in nature and nurturing our spiritual  path further.

Email: nataindia22@gmail.com


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