A Taste of Findhorn in Greece with Fabien Barouch and Maria Cooper, 8 – 15 June, €400,    (Kissos Campus)

Experience the Magic of the Findhorn Foundation Community in the Warmth and Beauty of Greece

This week is an invitation to open to the magic of community, to sharing and caring for each other and the Earth, embodying the change we want to see happen in the world! You will be introduced to many of the tools used within the Findhorn Community and ecovillage: sharing, meditation, attunement, co-creation with Nature, permaculture and ecovillage design, and work in the kitchens and gardens, called ‘love in action’.

Beginning in 1962, Findhorn has evolved from a small group of dedicated pioneers who sought to align themselves with the creative and benevolent forces, seen and unseen, that guide the evolution of humanity, and indeed all life. Now, 60 years on, the community is a founder member of the ecovillage movement, and host to over 800 members and associates living in and around the community. In those years Findhorn has developed a number of unique processes for developing group consciousness, including attunement through guided meditations, focalisation, a way of bringing energies together for a task, and emphasizing that ordinary work can be love in action.

We will get the opportunity in this week, to work with these and other spiritually-based concepts developed at the Findhorn ecovillage, in particular through the core Findhorn experience weeks.. Daily sharing circles will be one of our main tools for building group consciousness.

There will also be dance, song and visits to beautiful nature spots, as well as beach time, relaxing in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.

Once a week will be also eating out in a traditional Greek taverna and have moments of celebration with villagers from Kissos, possibly dancing with them on the Village square as often happens here.

Game of Transformation

Fabien Leads a Game of Transformation at Kalikalos_

Dorota Owen leads Taste of Findhorn group

Dorota Reising Leads Taste of Findhorn Group