Greek Culture and Cuisine with Natalie Di Giuseppe, 22 June – 1 July 2019  from €600,    (Kissos campus)

Joy of Greek Vegetarian Cookery

In the lush green mountains of the Pelion overlooking the immensity of the Aegean see, will immerse you in the very best of all that is Mediterranean living. The rhythm of the day will take you from early morning meditation and yoga to a healthy breakfast. We will begin with an attunement, which is a sharing circle. Here you can share how you are, what you would like, and if there is anything else you need from the day or the week and then onto the variety of activities planned. After lunch, you will be transferred to the infinite blue of the waters that lie at the foot of the mountains to enjoy the rest of your day and then back to the charming medieval village, the centuries old traditions, the people and their culture and of course, the great food and wine! gold.


Natalie at serving table

The aim of this retreat is to introduce you to Greek and especially local Pelion traditions, language and cuisine and also integrate yoga. The teachers on this retreat are experts in their field. Their combined experience will result in an abundance of delicious, healthy recipes, fun and laughter! The emphasis will be on locally grown organic fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as wholemeal foods. We will focus on making the healthiest and most delicious food that exists.

food preparation

The workshop will include aspects of Greek culture, dance and language sessions, as well as making some mainstays of Greek vegetarian cuisine such as mousaka, yemista, tzaziki and some unusual dishes such as red pepper and feta pate, tapenades, vegetarian gyros and halva.

Our yoga specialist will help us to integrate daily yoga sessions into our schedule whether at the centre, the beach or the forest. Our traditional Greek dance teacher will lead us in circle dancing Greek-style. You will return feeling like you have learnt the best secrets of healthy cooking, living and practicing yoga and dance. All in all, a transformational experience!

Kali Oreksi! (Bon Appetit!)

taverna and boy with food

One evening in the week we will invite our local Greek neighbors to join with us for mezedes. The meal that evening will be part of our annual open day when our patio becomes a taverna where the locals get a chance to meet us and learn a bit about the Kalikalos Centre and its mission and vision of a sustainable world through authentic community.

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