Guided Walking in Greece to Celebrate Mt Pelion


Walk the ancient donkey Paths of Pelion and honour the history, mythology and magic of Mt Pelion

30 May – 6 June 2020 with Adam Reising, €450

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This guided walking in Greece week is a personal and intimate introduction to the stunningly beautiful Mount Pelion/Πήλιο-Pílio area, traditionally the summer home of the Greek Gods.

Your guide, Adam Reising, is a long time Kalikalos team member and explorer and lover of the mountain.

Regarding the spirit behind these tours, he says;

Greece has long been a crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean. Migrations of peoples have ebbed and flowed across Greek land and sea routes for millennia. The myths and legends of Greece emerge from this interaction of peoples, cultures and landscapes.

Three elements define the Greek landscape; White marble mountains, azure skies, and an indigo sea, all bathed in an extraordinarily pure and intense light. We will experience all of this as we hike the ancient donkey paths of Mt Pelion in Greece.

Guided walking Greece Pelion plane tree

Colours and Light of Greece on this Guided Walking Week

In Pelion, a fourth element is added, a luxuriant carpet of lush green forest. Here in this forest the first myths emerge; Pan, the centaurs and the satyrs. The nereid nymphs, and the naiads and dryads of deep water pools, springs, and forested glens. And Gaia herself, erupting with life and abundance.

In this corner of Greece, early peoples began to gather together in the very first settled communities on the European mainland, 7000 years ago. Their descendants farmed the land, sailed the seas, tended and terraced gardens and orchards, built villages, and raised temples. Pelion is an example of the co-creation of humans and nature over centuries, watched over and witnessed by massive ancient trees, some thousands of years old.

Our guided walks will follow the thematic progress of this millennial story, crossing the “threshholds” of the core area of North-East Pelion, entering into the “garden”, and gradually approaching the “heart” of the area; Damouchari. Literally the place of the “Grace of Love”.

Guided walking Greece Adam Reising

Papa Nero Beach and Damouchari on the Guided Walking Holiday

Moderate fitness is required. Good walking boots, and a sense of adventure and awe.

Please see here for Adam’s previous experience, and a flavour of his tours and storytelling;

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Hiking boots are suggested, also a day-pack, water bottle and a stick would be useful. Please ensure that your travel insurance covers you for hiking and for repatriation. The leader reserves to change the itinerary if necessary.