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22 – 29 Aug   Guided Walking Holiday with Michelle Brydie€450/week,  (Kissos Campus) (See June Walking Week here.)                         

Guided Walking Holiday in Pelion, Greece

In these guided walking holidays we will discover that the simple act of walking in nature creates a space in our lives to be in the moment, letting go of past and future…

  • A safe space to give thanks that you are alive in a body that can rejoice in the elements that surround you.
  • Feel your connectedness and know that you are part of the whole.
  • Recharge your batteries, reconnect with yourself, let nature touch your soul and open your heart.

From the Mountain to the Sea

Let me be your guide, leading you into the sacred spaces of this beautiful part of the Earth, the once summer haunt of the ancient Greek Gods of Olympus, where Chiron the Centaur lived and taught and where echoes of Pan’s flute still catch the wind.

In these guided walking holidays we will hike through mountains that spout rivers then swallow them up again in river gorges carved long ago, full of tumbled rocks and fallen trees, into sacred groves amongst forests of beech, oak, maple and ancient chestnut trees.

Come with me to adventure in a land that is green and hot, with winding paths and distant views of a blue green ocean, the setting sun, the rising moon, in the company of woodpeckers, salamanders and wild boars, newts and frogs, cicadas humming in the background, the air infused with the smell of fruit and flowers, hotness and dry earth.


Hike the Ancient Donkey Paths (Kalderimia) of Mt Pelion

This walking holiday offers you the chance to travel together or alone to a destination where friendships can be forged with people who enjoy the natural world, good company, vegetarian meals and shared community.

Stretch your legs and nourish your soul. We can stop and catch our breaths, gaze at distant hills and closer beauty, eat our lunches away from it all, sweat with exertion and then douse our heads and bodies in fresh flowing springs, before heading down through villages and olive groves, along roads, tracks and well-preserved donkey-paths (kalderimia), to the sea, to bathe if we will, in its warm waters before heading back by car to the nurturing folds of Kalikalos and a delicious vegetarian dinner.


Website: Walks  in  Paradise

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Things They Have Said About Michelle

“Be-Jeezus, she’s got an uncanny sense of direction to be sure” -Seamus O’Leary

“When’s this walk ever going to bloody end?” -Edna O’Brian

When we got to the top of the hill I thought she’d led us to heaven” -Mary Black

“If only all Walking Group Leaders looked this good” -Daniel O’Donnell

“I’d follow that woman anywhere” -Spyros

To join these hikes in Pelion you will need:

    • Legs
    • Eyes
    • Stamina
    • Water bottle
    • Rucksack
    • Walking boots or sandals
    • A love of walking, swimming and nature
    • Money for cafes and tavernas
  • Time
  • Trust
  • Autonomy
  • Openness to others