10 – 19 July 2019, from €600     Love, Family Patterns & Relationships  + Mastery & Magic in Self and the World. 

Would you like more Self-Awareness and Confidence?

Using Family Constellations, The Work of Byron Katie®, Voice Dialogue®, and Creativity, we’ll discover the Archetypes and Parts that animate our inner world in multiple areas of our lives.

We’ll experience directly how these Archetypes and Parts influence our relationships to Self, Body, Other, our World. Many of the Voices may be those of our Ancestors, echoing down the generations, so we’ll be looking at patterns, traumas, and credos, that we have inherited, some direct and conscious, and others previously unseen.

Want more Freedom, Laughter, Confidence and Love in your Life?

Joy and Grief, tears and laughter, may appear spontaneously as we become freely and fully expressive of our natural Innocent Being, and our relations with others become far more Authentic, Charismatic and Loving.

Archetypes likely to show up in the course of the week:
Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Altruist… and maybe more

Weekend for excursions, exploring, exchanges, excitement.

Tamara with group

As we move through the 9-day program, we’ll explore how we might express more Creativity and Natural Leadership.

Time for the Archetypes of Seeker, Destroyer, Lover, Creator, coming fully into our empowered, flexible, kind and creative selves with Ruler, Magician, Sage, and Fool (the Divine Innocent).
The roles will fluctuate to and fro as well as the Archetypes find their voices.

We’ll use Movement, Writing, Drawing and other Art forms, conjunct with Inquiry and Dialogue, to enhance, deepen, and ground our experience, so that we may take home within us the restored energy where it may enrich every aspect of our lives, whether in intimacy, in family, at work, on public transport, solo, and particularly in responding to our political, climatic, and financial situations.

You’ll have opportunities to visit sacred and dramatic sites, hang around in hammocks, walk the cool forested slopes of Mount Pelion, frolic or laze in the crystal Aegean, marvel at the ancient massive trees, eat the wonderful food, try the local tipple, and welcome the kindness and generosity of the local Greek people.

We’ll be working singly, in pairs, and in the group, creating an atmosphere of support, intimacy, and deep spaciousness.

Morning Yoga, Meditation, or Tai-Chi. Afternoons for beach, excursions, rest. Throughout your time here, our magnificent Mother Earth in glorious manifestation will support, shelter, challenge, nourish, and appeal to you.

Comments from Past Participants

“I cant stop talking about how marvellous a time I had in Greece with you on retreat.” — JB, Oxford

“Something enormous and big happened at Kalikalos with you and all of us in the group sharing and working together each day…the place itself Kalikalos, the community, the food, the beauty of the surrounding hills, the green, the fruit, the foraging, the new friendships, swimming in and enjoying the warm clear beautiful Aegean sea, the stones, the visits we took, so much to see, all so new, so different…” — Teresa Y, Essex, England

“It was such a privilege to discover the depths of love and compassion and the real value of The Work. All of us were touched and transformed…it was an amazing week. ” — Bridget L-M, France

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Email: tamara.alferoff@me.com

Mob: +44 77 4647 6048

For those of you who are new to “The Work of Byron Katie”, here is Byron Katie herself to explain How to End Suffering.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBCi7qeFkhw]