Join the Spring Community Work Camp for 2 Weeks to Help Open Up the Kissos Centre

22 May – 5 June 2021, €75/wk

The Anilio Campus Spring workcamp usually starts two weeks earlier. Please go here for the details and to book.

This Spring at the Kissos Community Work Camp we will be getting the Centre ready for a summer without workshops. In 2021 the Centre hopes that the CoVid19 situation will permit us to open and to run as a venue for living-in-community guests.

There is always plenty of maintenance to be done during the Spring workcamp after 9 months when our property is unused.

Kissos, like all the villages in N. E. Pelion is built on a mountainside. For centuries here people have used stones dug from the ground as terracing for their gardens. Our property has a number of subsiding dry walls which need rebuilding, so we’ll make a start on shoring up these walls this Spring work camp.

Additional Spring Community Work Camp Tasks

Aside from the building and construction work we will be setting up our two 5m yurts, one on the south terrace under the mulberry tree, the other has to be relocated. This is a chance for anyone wishing to learn the basics of yurt construction and maintenance as we unpack and set them up.


There’ll be loads of gardening work as we extend our drip irrigation system to all the hydrangeas and roses and dig and plant our organic vegetable garden patches.

Community Building in the Community Work Camps

Our workcamps provide an opportunity to join the work rhythms of the Centre, to learn natural building methods, organic gardening and to participate in authentic community building. People often elect to stay on after the May workcamp and join our summer staff and there are often opportunities for extending your stay in this way.