Moveart with Tibor Moravcik 31st August to 7th September 600Euro

A holiday with Moveart is a great chance to sharpen your body, mind and free your soul.

Training, playing and dancing combined with the sun, sea and healthy food will fully charge you for the whole winter!

You will become more aware of yourself and get new positive habits.

What is Moveart?

Our aim is to get the freedom to move. We want to get freedom in every aspect of our movement. Therefore we systematically study related aspects and principles which work across all our movements. In the end, we see it as one holistic picture of our being.

We want to see out movements from any perspective… Therefore we are open to draw knowledge and experience from any source. It is martial arts, dance, sports, qigong, yoga, pilates, massage therapies and of course modern physiology (e.g. Anatomy Trains of myofascial meridians).

We don’t try to just understand movements mentally. We are developing our senses to deeply feel how things work. The personal experience achieved by playing has priceless value for us.

The aspiration to be free and move efficiently leads us to use as little power as possible. To be relaxed is not just efficient, but also really healthy.

It is hard to be efficient without using the flow of kinetic energy – our bodywave. Being able to surf on your bodywave lets you accumulate kinetic energy to be much stronger and much more dynamic.

Our dynamic meditations help empty your mind and keep you in the present. Being able to passively accept impulses and let others move with you is the path to really synchronise and harmonise with your surroundings.

If the mind is quiet, the soul can express itself…

The element of play fighting brings our contact improvisation into a bit more chaos. The aspect of chaos creates a new situation and position whilst being able to control this movement through feeling and experience. It’s a bigger challenge to flow in new situations. The magic happens out of your comfort zone…

A good mover is a healthy mover. It is no surprise that an inseparable part of Moveart is a comprehensive vitalizing program (in China called Qigong).

The core of our ‘wellness’ program comes from the Cossack tradition that is known today as ‘Russian Systema’.