I love to move since my babyhood. As a hyperactive boy I used to often be rebuked for my constant moving…

As a naturally curious boy, I begun studying movement. At firstly mostly with a logical mind. However analysis is not enough, so I’ve paid special attention to feel my movements deeply.

After trying many sports as a small boy I fell in love with Martial Arts. I started with hard styles as Karate (Champion of Slovakia, 2002), Kickboxing (Champion of Slovakia, 2000), but after 17 I was naturally attracted to internal Martial Arts. From 2008 I focused on Wing Chun Kung fu and Filipino Escrima.

Later on, I realise that most of Martial Arts are trapped in specific patterns. True freedom in motion brought me Russian Systema (the system). I’ve been lucky to grow up under great masters as Vladimir Vasiliev, Mikhail Ryabko, Martin Wheeler and many others.

I’ve been also studying the Cossack tradition of the fight, healing & healthy lives from Sergey Makarov and Georgy Funtikov.

I am still open to other systems, recently I started with Zhong Xin Dao –  I Liq Chuan.

My system has been sharpened and tested for years in real fight situations which as I have also worked as a doorman.

The desire to make my body more efficient means I am a regular on the massage couch as a patient. After years I took a course and became a professional massage therapist. I love this job for freeing people from pain and tension. It’s also allowed me to develop my feeling and helps me to better understand the human body from different perspectives.

To understand movement it is paramount to study modern physiology. Next to my instructor’s and massage courses I really like this, which helps me to see the human body much more holistically. It is called Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians.

However, everything, that I’ve ever learned from others is just a part of my knowledge. A big part of the knowledge which I share with all my students comes from experimenting with my own body, and from the deep feeling of my movement. No theory brings you more light to understand your movements as your own experience.

I love Dance! I grew up on Hip hop and Breakdance.

Today I really enjoy expressing myself at Contact Improvisation.

If there’s any chance, I love dancing in clubs, however, I am often just dance at home… And of course, I always dance when I practice Martial Arts.

In my opinion, every movement has done smoothly and with elegance, we can call ‘dance’.

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