Nordic Walking on Mt Pelion, Greece, 6 – 13 June 2020,  €450


(August Walking Weeks are here.)

Reconnect With Nature Through Nordic Walking

Need to take a step back from your everyday life to redefine your priorities and recharge your batteries? Then Nordic Walking In Greece with a Nordic Walking holiday might be for you.

In an atmosphere of friendship, hospitality and fun we will (re)connect to nature—to the beauty, harmony and simplicity that is there—and to ourselves, to others and the world.

These are some ways that we will spend our time together in Mt Pelion:

  • Morning outdoor yoga & meditation, walks, senses based activities in nature;
  • Reconnecting the body to our environment, isolating and experiencing each sense, one by one—sight, sound, touch, taste, smell;
  • Contacting with the trees, grounding, rooting, balancing, sensing the movement of nature (wind, water)
  • Linking with friendliness, listening to and sharing with each other.

The Pelion Peninsula: Ideal for Nordic Walking

walking in Greece

Soaring like a sleepless guardian above the city of Volos, ancient mythology tells us that the gods took up their summer residence at Pelion.

Today Mt Pelion attracts visitors from Greece and abroad for holidays. Yet the region still remains relatively undeveloped by tourism. Nordic walking is an alternative holiday to explore hidden gems of superb natural beauty. .

On our Nordic walking in Greece we’ll find streambeds with ivy hanging like lianas from plane trees, ferns and metallic blue dragonflies. We’ll wend our way through Beech forests that cover the higher areas like a bright green blanket. On lower levels, we’ll walk amidst the grey green foliage of olive groves that forms a contrast with the purple blue of thyme and the pink cistus flowers on the ground. We will rest at village squares that look out over the glittering sea from under majestic plane trees, and drink the fresh clear water from mountain springs that run all summer long

Pelion Donkey Paths (Kalerimis)

In the 18th century a network of arched stone bridges and cobblestone donkey paths (kalderimis) was built throughout Pilion. The cobbled paths and trails together with the Volos-Milies railway, were once the only axis of communication between the Pelion villages and Volos city.

After decades of neglect, many Kalderimis have recently been renovated and signposted as footpaths. These are now included on maps giving us an opportunity to explore Mt. Pelion in detail.

Nordic walking

The Nordic Walks and Daily Rhythm

We will be walking the kalderimis, forest paths and goat tracks and sometimes the old railway track. We will come across farms, monasteries, old buildings, springs and country churches along the way.

We’ll begin the day with pre-breakfast outdoor yoga & meditation, Following breakfast we will set out on our walk. We stop for lunch in a mountain village, other times we will take lunch boxes. We’ll be on the beach for a swim in the afternoon. Returning back to the Centre by car about 17:45 pm, followed by community work (cooking, gardening etc) Evening vegetarian dinner, time to relax and enjoy the company, idling in the village

What To Bring

Please bring your own walking poles, sturdy high shoes (preferably waterproof) with good grip soles, and a cap to protect yourself from the sun. For higher altitudes, a light jacket will come in handy.

For more information about Nordic Walking in Greece please email