A Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Movement Retreat

4–11 July 2020 with Tracy Seed, €450  (Kissos Campus)


A NVC holistic holiday for those with a Foundation in Nonviolent Communication

For a week we live together in a community setting in the small mountain village of Kissos. We reflect, create, let go, relax, heal, restore, play, move, dance Biodanza and experience life together – transforming from the inside out!

Overview of the week

Mornings – Workshops

We will work with various themes to explore how we connect in our relationships at work and at home.
There will be ample opportunity for NVC practice, meditation, biocentric movement and postures.
Working alone, in pairs, small groups and as a whole group we will:
  • Develop our empathic presence, listening, and understanding
  • Bring somatic awareness to our triggers whilst working with self-compassion
  • Befriend our inner critic, anger and shame
  • Express ourselves authentically without insulting others
  • Be with conflict using a dialogue process to support us
  • Collaborate and make decisions together
  • Practice appreciation and gratitude

Afternoons – Beaches and Waterfalls

Afternoons are kept free for you to explore and enjoy the local area. Including, outings to places of interest, visits to the beach, mountain hikes and swimming in the freshwater pools at the foot of waterfalls.
An opportunity for rest, relaxation, growth, learning, discovery, nourishment, friendship, community, movement, fun and beauty

Evenings – Biodanza and Tavernas

We dance Biodanza a couple of evenings  in a beautiful forest dance space at the Annilo campus. We move to connect with the vital energy needed for life, to strengthen our inner resources for wellbeing so that we can truly feel each moment of life. 
The creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda, says “Biodanza is basically a re-education in love 

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BE more fully YOU!

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