10 – 21 August 2019, Raw Food and Yoga Holiday with Paula Wilson and Hara Soldatou, €675 (10 days)      (Kissos campus)

A Raw Plant-based Diet

Come and enjoy a raw food holiday of making and eating delicious, nutritious, energizing, revitalizing Raw Food.

This raw food holiday workshop is a “Hands-On / Get-Creative / How-To-Make-Delicious-Raw-Food-In-Real- Time/With-Whatever-Food-You-Have-In-Your-Kitchen, Fridge or Garden.”

You will soon acquire an intuitive feel for which foods go together so you can make appetizing dishes quickly from whatever is available rather than reaching for convenient but less healthy options.

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Eating Raw is its Own Reward

Eating a raw plant-based diet thins the blood, allowing years of built up waste material resulting from ingesting acidic foods to pass from the lymph fluid surrounding every cell into the blood stream to be excreted.
If this is the first time you have eaten all raw it will act as a detox, however this is achieved while still eating 3 full meals a day. Therefore, no deprivation or starvation is involved!

The more raw food you eat the better you feel and the easier it is to recognise the debilitating effects of eating cooked food. You are then in a position to consciously choose between Raw=Alkali=Energy versus Cooked=Acidic=Lethargy. Even if “All Raw” is too daunting a prospect to begin with, “More Raw” is definitely better than “Low Raw” or “No Raw”

Emotional and Physical Healing

Because we are unable to digest food and process emotions at the same time eating a lighter diet can be emotionally as well as physically healing.

Eating raw can help in releasing emotional blocks that may have been suppressed by heavier foods. The food we eat often has more to do with tradition, habit, cravings, addictions and comfort than actual nutrition and energy. The body can heal itself from a lifetime of less than ideal dietary choices remarkably quickly and what seem like ingrained habits or addictions can be changed within days or weeks.

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Give it a go!

Eating raw food can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

If you love following recipes there are websites and books galore on raw food diets.

Food preparation does not necessarily require any specialist equipment. Usually the main thing holding anyone back from trying a raw food diet is simply getting started.

The 10 days  of Raw Food at Kalikalos are an easy enjoyable introduction to eating raw in a warm sunny climate away from all the stresses and temptations that may have prevented you from ever trying it. Even after a short period eating raw you can feel how life could (and should?) be. Once you have experienced the increase in energy, clarity and general health, you will have an incentive to kick the cooked food habit.

Daily Timetable

In the mornings Hara will offer Yoga, Breathwork and Mindfulness, after lunch is beach/ free time and the early evening is spent preparing a raw supper. There are plenty of other opportunities to help with the raw food: making breakfast, preparing crackers to dehydrate in the sun, foraging for free/wild food and so on, but only if you want to — you are on holiday!

If you are on the Raw Food team you will already be fulfilling your “Karma Yoga” that the Centre asks of you.