After a gradual transition from a reluctant meat-eating childhood via a vegetarian adolescence to a vegan adulthood, it was only on changing to a raw diet in 2002 that my energy levels rocketed and my everyday health improved Brought up by my father, my diet oscillated between tinned/packeted food in the winter and an abundance of home-grown veg and local fruit in the summer.

As a teenager at boarding school, the vegetarian option was lifeless, over-cooked veg so I insisted on salads. Had I known where I was going with my diet, I might have got there a lot quicker but I effortlessly ditched eggs and all dairy products one by one. On turning vegan, I had a brief six month fling with a high raw food diet in 1983 after reading Raw Energy by Leslie Kenton but was still including bread, margarine and nut butters.

Around 1998, I started to go raw on our 2-3 week summer camping holidays. On about the fourth year, my first ‘normal’ (i.e. cooked) meal on returning home knocked me sideways with exhaustion. From that moment on I completely stopped cooking!

Since 1999, I have worked as a builder/carpenter. I enjoy doing practical stuff and love working outside all year round. In my long friendship with Dr Helen Ford, I have unofficially catered at many of her workshops, providing a banquet of various delicious raw foods which have inspired many people to increase their raw food consumption.


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