Sun, Sea and the Spirit of Findhorn

Open to Love, Change the World

Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouch, 5 – 12 Sept, €450    (Kissos)

An Introduction to the Essence of the Findhorn Community

spirit of Findhorn

This Spirit of Findhorrn in Greece week is an invitation to let go of limiting beliefs, open to love and become the change you want to see happen in the world!
We invite you to join a multi-generational, inter-cultural group of fellow pilgrims who are willing to learn, share and mutually support each other during this special week. Bathed in the wonderful sunshine of Greece we will apply spiritual principles as they are used in the Findhorn community in Scotland. In this way we will practice sustainable living in our daily rhythms, while deepening our connection to Spirit, to others and to all of life.

Music, Song & Dance in the Spirit of Findhorn

Music, song and dance will often be woven into our activities, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere and a sense of instant community. Dances of Universal Peace, Circle Dance and Sacred Harmony Songs honour different spiritual traditions and combine chanting and simple movements with live music to open the heart. There may be sing along music nights in the village taverna or greek dancing on the Kissos village square, sheltered by the old trees. 

spirit of Findhorn

Meditation, love in action sessions and walks in nature will complete the Spirit of Findhorn program. For instance, we will visit the oldest tree in the region, more than a thousand years old. In addition, we will dive into clear waterfalls in the region and swim every afternoon in the pristine waters of the sea. Also, there will be the possibility to play the Transformation Game, a tool for self reflection and realisation which was created in Findhorn.

Barbara Swetina and Fabien Barouch are both longstanding members of the Findhorn community. They are inspired to share the most powerful yet simple tools they know for living in harmony as one human family on our beautiful planet Earth. Barbara and Fabien regularly lead guest weeks in Findhorn; however, this is the first time they are offering this program in Greece. Come and join us for this joyful and transformative week!

For more information or any queries,  please email the leaders.

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