With Roman Hoepflinger, Lucia Meyer and Gabrielle Haslauer 15 -22 June 2019 € 495,    (Kissos Campus)

“Taketina Workshop – connecting with vitality, inner peace and joy”

TaKeTiNa is a unique musical group process for activating musical and human potential through rhythm.

The TaKeTiNa process gives every person access to his or her rhythmic endowment. It conveys rhythm as one most naturally learns and understands it. Instead of learning rhythmic patterns, the learner is guided directly to experience the elementary musical elements that are anchored in the consciousness of every human. This connects participants with their own deep, original rhythmic knowledge.


The extra-musical effects of the TaKeTiNa process range from the transformation of behavioural patterns that hinder oneself all the way to the awakening of intuition, creativity and the ability to communicate, because in the TaKeTiNa process, musical learning is always part of a human learning process. Everything that hinders us in life is reflected as a musical-rhythmical problem and can thus be transformed through rhythmical-musical work. Thinking and feeling, intuition and cognitive action, external movement and inner calm begin cooperating with one another; one’s thinking moments and the opportunity for visions and change expands.

In TaKeTiNa, the body is the main instrument; the learner encounters rhythm directly and intensively. Using the voice to sing, the hands to clap and the feet for sequences of steps, TaKeTiNa participants are guided at three simultaneous rhythmic levels. The pulse of a bass drum accompanies and stabilizes the basic rhythm of the steps; contrasting rhythms are gradually introduced in the hands. Constantly changing call-and-response melodies add an improvisatory element as well as a destabilizing force into the process. The interplay of stabilizing and destabilizing elements necessarily causes individual participants to fall out of rhythm – but the rhythm of the group brings everyone gently but powerfully back – a process which enables every participant to develop his or her own deep musical self-confidence.

TaKeTiNa rhythm teaching complements the wealth of existing musical, psychological and neurobiological knowledge with new perspectives and terminology oriented to natural phenomena. It is also a holistic way of learning to drum and an inexhaustible source for composing and arranging music.

The TaKeTiNa method was founded by Reinhard Flatischer in 1970; it continues to be developed and supervised by Reinhard Flatischler and his team.

Taketina workshop

The Effects of TaKeTiNa

A profound rhythmic orientation can only be achieved by learning to alternate between rhythmic synchronisation and de-synchronisation. Any rigidity or control detracts from the essence of the rhythmic experience. This experience is a feeling of being supported, of vitality, of joy and of inner peace. The TaKeTiNa process purposely and harmoniously balances and stabilises you through these rhythmic synchronisations and de-synchronisations. Participants learn to alternate naturally between these two states – “being in rhythm” and “being out of rhythm”. Each time they come back to the basic pulse, they experience rhythm at a more profound and intense level.

The sense of balance thus achieved can be directly transferred to daily life and to help you deal creatively with any chaotic life phases as they lose their capacity to throw you off balance. When turmoil arises, you know that somewhere deep inside you have the capability to find your own balance again. This lets you develop a deeper trust in yourself and your ability to deal with life.

Taketina supports in you:

  • Developing qualities and competencies which are important for life in today’s complex and chaotic world
  • Increasing psychological, emotional and physical resilience
  • Flexibility
  • Developing presence and inner silence
  • Maintaining concentration over a long period of time
  • Dealing with chaos and uncertainty in a creative and meaningful way
  • Reducing the fear of making mistakes, which leads to making fewer mistakes
  • Processing information faster
  • Rhythmical competence
  • Deep relaxation of the whole nervous system
  • Access to intuition, joy, ease, trust and many other qualities

More information about Taketina can be found under: www.taketina.com or www.taketina.net