Lucia Meyer

Lucia Meyer

Bio of Lucia Meyer


Basic information:

Born in 1973 and raised in southern Bavaria

Living in Marschallstraße 10, 84028 Landshut, Germany

Musical Path:

First contact with music during early childhood via longtime piano lessons, thus quickly developing a passion for music

During adolescence acquisition of skills for playing further instruments, namely the flute, saxophone, accordion and various percussion instruments

Constantly being part of several music-performing groups (e.g. SusanSusan, CoCoVerde, Chili Azul)

Professional Information:

1992-1996:      University of Regensburg: Welfare Studies with a major in music and movement pedagogics

Since 1996:      professional focus on curative pedagogy as well as performing as a teacher in child care pedagogues’ formation

2007-2009:      TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Teacher Training under guidance of Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischer

Since 2009:       Conducting various TaKeTiNa®-Workshops