As the natural world ebbs and flows in rhythms of day and night and the seasons, Kalikalos moves with its own daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms. When there are no workshops in session, the daily and weekly rhythms may be somewhat different. These rhythms may also be adjusted in response to requests by workshop leaders and participants.

Daily Rhythm

  • 7:00 Yoga, meditation or other spiritual practice (depends on availability of facilitators)
  • 8:30 Buffet Breakfast
  • 8:45 Breakfast cleanup
  • 9:30 Daily Staff Operational Meeting (Community Circle on first full day of each workshop week)
  • 9:30 – 13:30 Workshop Session, usually with a coffee/tea break midway
  • 12:30 Staff sharing circle or other meeting as needed (Community Guests welcome)
  • 13:30 Buffet lunch and picnic boxes for the beach
  • 14:30 – 17:30 Beach / free time
  • 18:00 Evening work shift
  • 20:00 Dinner (once during the week we eat out at a local taverna)
  • 20:45 Dinner cleanup
  • 21:30 Free time and ad-hoc offerings (closing circle / fireside sharing on last evening of each workshop week)
  • 23:00 Quiet time till the breakfast bell at 08:00 the next day

Weekly Rhythm (Workshops)

  • Workshops begin and end on Wednesdays and Saturdays┬áin alternation. This allows time for an “outbreath” between workshops, when staff can relax and renew for a few days in preparation for the next workshop week.
  • The first day listed for each workshop (Wednesday or Saturday) is the arrival day. We invite participants to arrive before 18:00 to have time to settle in before dinner.
  • The next day (Thursday or Sunday) is the first day of the program. We begin with a Community Opening Circle attended by all participants, staff and guests for connection and sharing information. Following this circle, we offer a kitchen tour and orientation to the Rota System to all new arrivals. The first session of the workshop is offered before lunch.
  • Once during the week is Taverna Night, when we go out for dinner at a local restaurant. We might also gather for a dance in the Long Room before heading out to eat. There is no evening work shift, dinner preparation or dinner cleanup on Taverna Night.
  • The last night of each workshop (Tuesday or Friday) we hold the Closing Circle, often around a bonfire. This is a “bookend” to the Opening Circle, where each participant, guest and staff member has the opportunity to share about their experiences during the week. The circle is often followed by spontaneous sharing of music, poetry and other creativity.
  • The last day listed for each workshop (Wednesday or Saturday) is departure day. We ask that all workshop participants who have not already booked in for additional nights to be packed up and out of their rooms by 11:00. Breakfast is typically the last meal, with lunch served on individual request.

Seasonal Rhythm

  • As early as mid-April, one or more members of the Core Team proceed to Anilio to begin the process of opening up Spiti to Kentavron after the winter of hibernation. Additional members of the Core Team arrive in late April or early May.
  • Beginning in early to mid May, we begin welcoming volunteers to Spring Setup. This two to four week period is an opportunity to do the work of setting up the centre, including cleaning and setting up rooms, erecting tents and yurts and bringing out the floor and roof of the Long Room. Volunteers for this period pay a discounted rate.
  • In late May or early June we welcome regular volunteers and Community Guests to join us and begin offering workshops.
  • Our workshop season typically runs to mid-September.
  • The remainder of September is Autumn Packup, a two to three week period of closing down and preparing the site for winter. Volunteers for this period pay a discounted rate.