A simple, safe place in nature for connection, exploration and growth.


We create and sustain Holistic Community while treading lightly upon the earth.


  • Holistic Community: We are a group of people who live, learn, play and work together. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
  • Connection: We cultivate this quality within ourselves, between individuals, and among the whole community and beyond.
  • Exploration: Together we discover the unknown, a journey that takes us outside of the comfort zone.
  • Growth:  The result of acquiring new wisdom and the accompanying feeling of progress. We reach for the chance to act upon this new wisdom and transform our way of being.
  • Nature: The root of all we do, both the container for our activities and the power that fuels them.
  • Simplicity: We practice creating space and living simply by letting go of physical, mental and emotional clutter. We cultivate an affordable, rustic community.
  • Safety: Each of us receives support and help in developing our own capacity and availability. We nurture a space for listening and being listened to and hold clear structure and boundaries. Respect is the touchstone of our interactions.
  • Sustainability: We carefully steward human, financial and environmental resources.
  • Creativity: We bring the power of creation into form in a fertile playground. We balance our structures and order with an allowance for spontaneity.