25 July — 1 AUGUST 2019
€520 to €820

Diving deeply and freely into a world of play and cooperation is the best way to become fully present and awaken our abilities to be and act spontaneously. It is a great way to become connected with others, understanding our own needs, and liberate ourselves from everything excessive.

During the seven-day workshop we will experience some of the most powerful and noteworthy techniques originating from improvisational theatre. We will also spend a lot of time exploring our thoughts, feelings, and dilemmas through a unique practice of revealing the inner dialogue – a silent dialogue we all have, but rarely admit publicly. In this psychosomatic-guided process of coming to know ourselves, we become authentic, overcome our inner-critic, and regain confidence to be who we really are.

The workshop is unique in the way it is facilitated: Martin, a professional actor, and Sebastian, a professional psychologist, have been friends for many years and decided to combine their skills by creating a workshop that is light-hearted and fun, but at the same time contains depth.

The workshop aims at:

  • Allowing ourselves to make a mistake and not to be overly critical about it
  • Immersing into the present moment
  • Eliminating the fear of speaking in front of others
  • Experiencing the ease of play in our everyday lives
  • Slowing down and be gentle with ourselves
  • Liberating ourselves from excessive self-observation and decision paralysis
  • Gaining courage to try new things
  • Thinking less and act more
  • Discovering our authenticity and natural confidence


“When you notice that you are taking yourself too seriously… When you get bored but already tried jumping with a parachute… When you forget to enjoy your mornings… Then it’s time to do this workshop.” Hannah B.

“Martin’s and Sebastian’s professionalism and innovation make for excellent workshops and extraordinary experiences. They are at the top of their field, it’s definitely worth going to one of their workshops.” Peter P.

“While being playful and vocal my inner voice started to change. I discover that when I trust myself and don’t want to be perfect all the time, I can actually live a pretty awesome life.” Emma V.


8:30 Vitalising Breakfast

  • Workshop session: authentic improvisation, inner dialogue training, games, psychodrama, group work, role playing, paired exercises, breaks for tea & coffee

1:30 PM Delicious Lunch

  • Rejuvenating free time to relax and enjoy Greece: going to the local beaches, swimming, sunbathing, strolling, site seeing, having conversations, reflecting, gaming, singing, napping, relaxing

8:00 PM Yummy dinner: helping the community to cook dinner or care for the garden

  • After dinner free time: socialising, relaxing, sharing, gaming, dancing, drinking vine, visiting the Greek tavernas

11:00 PM Community quiet time

  • Still plenty of things to do and enjoy in the building or the garden, we just ask you to be thoughtful to other members of the community. The great Greek tavernas are always an option also:-)

From 6:00 – 8:00 PM  community time

  • 2 or 3 of our group will garden and cook together, or help later on with the clean-up.

*Prices:  Include workshop and accommodation.