Community Experience for Volunteers, Facilitators in Residence and Guests

10 August – 3 September

Cancelled due to COVID_19

from Euro 110/week (volunteers) to Euro 390/week (Community Guests)

These periods are an opportunity for Guests, Volunteers and Facilitators in Residence to get to know better what life feels like in an intentional authentic community. We all pull together, work, share, laugh and resolve problems with tools like the Dialogue Road map, Non-violent communication and Radical Honesty. The magic that unfolds in a community where we take care to create a safe space, allows the individual to be vulnerable, speak from the heart and be accepted and welcomed also with his or her shadow sides.


The Community Experience Weeks

are born out of a need to introduce spaciousness, relaxation and calm between the busier times when workshops are running, as the lives of the volunteers become full- on in their supporting roles to the leaders and participants.



We are trialling two separate periods of Community Guest Experience:



These will occur over a period of 7 to 24 days, offering a relaxed schedule of learning and self development opportunity with a variety of topics to explore together. While volunteers take care of the running of the center, Community guests are invited to support the team three times a week with light tasks like helping to prepare a breakfast, an evening meal or helping out at a washing-up shift.

We are imbedded in a marvellous nature, the rich vegetation in this area is nurtured by countless waterfalls and springs which flow through densely wooded hills. Just by following your senses one will encounter a plethora of aromatic herbs on the hiking paths, many of which have medical properties. Pelion has an ancient healing tradition going back to the wounded healer Chiron of Greek mythology. Scenic beaches, lush vegetation, springs of crystal clear water and a large variety of fruits and flowers, all compose a unique picture of the magic of nature.

Ideas for the Community Experience Weeks include:

  • Optional twice daily meditation
  • Optional joining in with people doing Qi gong practise
  • Diologue Road Map – practising our skills in an invaluable communications tool
  • Non Violent Communication, Deep sharing and Conflict resolving
  • Psychodrama projects leading to performance and film making with Efrat Snap
  • Teaching and practising homeopathy with Svetlana Pavlova.
  • Enjoying crystal clear beaches
  • Hiking around the glorious Pelion Mountain and learning about the history and mythology of the area

If you feel inspired to join us in those periods, please contact Friederiki on for further information.