Ina is a global networker and gives training on building community, on ZEGG Forum and about healing relationships. “How can we learn to love more and become mature adults” is one of her questions for life. She loves authentic heart-to-heart communication, to impower people into their full potential and to support transformation to life.

Ina is one of the founding members (more than 30 years) of the ecovillage ZEGG where she has been active in various ways since 1991. For many years she was executive secretary of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe ( which supports the implemtation of substainable communities in Europe. Since 2004 she is involved in Gaia Education (, a holistic approach for education for the future. She has been a communication trainer and supervisor for 20 years, specializing in building community, creating transparency and trust in group processes. She is familiar with Non Violent Communication, Deep Ecology and/or The Work that Reconnects, Family constellation and other methods which support people to share from the depth of their heart.

Achim lives and works in the intentional community ZEGG for 30 years. He has been deeply involved in the developement of the ZEGG-Forum and has trained and supervised groups in Europe, South America and the USA. Living in a community with a strong focus on love, partnership and eros, gives him a special awarness in these issues. At ZEGG he is the chief landscape designer creating fertile soil and an edible landscape on glacial sand using intuition and Permaculture knowledge. He studied Permaculture with Fukukoka in Greese and with many others in Germany. He always seeks new edges to learn and teach. Since 3 years he works with Terra Preta. His greatest passion is building real soil in nature as well as building the ground for a human life free of fear.
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