3 — 10 JULY 2019
From €520  – €820 *

Deepen Your Connection with Yourself and Others – and Experience More Love and Joy in Your Life

I invite you to a deep and rejuvenating journey exploring who and how you are in relation to other. I invite you to be curious and embrace your life in its full spectrum, and give a possibility for transformation, new creative ways of being in the world. When you openly connect with others, you connect also more deeply with your soul and heart. A deeper experience of belonging and joy emerges when meeting yourself and the other as a whole being. This is a chance to cultivate more vital energy, presence and grace to your life – and nourish the authentic nature of you.

In this experiental self-development workshop based on Gestalt therapy there will be therapeutic group work, exploration of yourself in relation to others. It is a wonderful possibility to deepen your awareness and learn more about yourself, and the way you interact with others, in a supportive atmosphere of the group.

Gestalt therapy’s existential, holistic and deeply relational nature provides a creative and accepting space to explore your mind, body, emotions and spirit, your unique way of being and relating, and to increase awareness of your strengths and understand what might be blocking you to live your life full.

Having origins in Zen Buddhism and Taoism, Gestalt therapy teaches the importance of being present in the here and now. Instead of interpretations, we are curious about the phenomenology of contacting – fully experiencing the present moment and how we co-create the here and now and move towards the new.

Afternoons are time for you to assimilate, integrate, pamper yourself and explore the beautiful surrounding nature. Feel the Aegean Sea, go for a walk, enjoy the massage, take a nap in a hammock.

Through self-awareness we gain more acceptance towards ourselves and others. It is deeply healing and transformational experience to be seen as you are and being supported and accepted by the group. Transformation occurs through authentic meeting with another, we grow in relation to each other. I am I only in relation to you.

I as a leader follow the journey of group process, supporting what arises in a group, embracing whatever is, and exploring with curiosity. Staying together with uncertainty we can explore our existential experience in a creative and deep way. In this journey we also use bodywork and creative methods such as painting and body work.
The work in the group is naturally bound by confidentiality.

The 1st day is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon, registration and the welcome meal at 8pm.
From the 2nd day onward we begin our days with body awareness and mindfulness practice, and after breakfast from 9.30
until lunch there is therapeutic group work: sharing, couple/ small group work, painting, moving, dancing, breathing.


Kalikalos is a community comprising the unpaid volunteer and guests. Participants of workshops offer Karma Yoga, about 3 – 4 times a week, mainly helping with breakfast, helping to prepare an evening meal, or assisting a washing up shift. 


* include the workshops plus accommodation. All rooms are ensuite twins with balconies and marvellous views of the Aegean   Sea except for one triple, a bright room with lovely sea-view  which shares the bathroom with one other room.

You can read more and see photos here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2003397966406794/

It is a therapy group and therefore it is not recommended to come with a friend or a partner since it might affect your presence and ability to process openly.

Please contact Hanna before booking for this workshop!