Halina Rozensztrauch, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT Yoga Alliance)
My yoga journey began in 1999 and teaching in 2007. It gently crept into my life opening not just my body but a new way of living in, through and from the body.  To some degree it felt like a homecoming. Wherever I could open my mat I felt home. As if something was waiting on the inside to be recognised, engaged and moved without words,  through simple presence, breath, movement and touch.

My personal practice, teaching as well as further yoga trainings and teachers (like Donna Farhi, Angela Farmer, Vanda Scaravelli, Paul Grilley etc) expanded and deepened that communication further inward and also further outward into teaching and birthing of my yoga school. In 2008 I opened Yoga Tree school in Rickmansworth, near London and have been sharing yoga practice through weekly classes, monthly yoga workshops and retreats at various beautiful locations in Europe.
I teach Hatha, Yin Yoga style. How I share yoga is influenced by my background in Psychology and Focusing (BFA Focusing Practitioner and Trainer, Clinical Psychology degree, Existential Well being Counselling: A Person – Centred Experiential Approach) as well as hands on work of Thai Yoga Massage ( Qualified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, ITEC Anatomy & Physiology). 
You are welcome join me in practice. More information here: www.yogatree.org.uk