6 – 15 September 2019

€ 690 — 890*

Euro 690 if booked before 31 January 2019

Iron John

is the story of “Becoming the man”– a story of the transformation from boy to man by the Brothers Grimm. In this workshop, you will experience what it means to go through a powerful journey, inside and outside, with a group of like-minded men.

You will be able to face issues, fears, anger, guilt and shame in a safe environment and release the blockages that stand in the way of your desired life. You free yourself from resistance and experience the deep process of connecting to your masculinity. The transformation from boy to man means bringing your shadow to light and integrating it into your life to unfold your full potential.

Last year’s impression from Rome


This adventure opens a space for you by coming into your power as a man. From day-to-day in the community, we will develop through different phases and notice the change in our consciousness. We will focus on transforming from the isolated individual of our life to the embedded human being in the community to the responsible leader of our life.

In the first phase: you experience yourself as an individual. Whether in your past or still in your present, there might be moments in which you feel stuck, lonely or victimized. In this phase of the workshop, we will illuminate these “dark sides” of our lives and transform them into powerful drivers for our energy.

In the second phase: you experience yourself as part of a whole. How does it feel to have a group of men behind you who only want the best for you and who are willing to fight for you. How does it feel to put your own moods and mood swings back and work entirely in for a greater goal?

In the third phase: you will develop power and clarity for yourself. As a self-determined ruler of your life, you are ready to go for your life goals and desires. You will experience how attractive you will become to others, how a self-determined life feels like, and how others will gladly follow you on your way.

At the end of the workshop: you are a more conscious leader of your self-determined life – driven by the purpose of your existence, supported by your male community, and inspired by your strengthened self-confidence.


We will start out the day with a variety of body-work exercises to start out feeling relaxed, energized and grounded in experience. After breakfast we will have focused work, including gestalt therapy, hot seat work, coaching and group dynamics from 9:30 AM until about 1:30 PM. We will then break for lunch and enjoy some leisure time: we can go to the beach, hike and swim, and share amongst ourselves.

In the late afternoon, we will resume with group work and sharing rounds. Over the days, we have different challenges, actions, and activities built in.

After the workshop concludes for the day, we will cook together and do maintenance on the Kalikalos Community Center for a couple of hours. Ocacionally some of us will help with the breakfast preparation. In the evenings, we will hang out around a campfire, lie in hammocks and celebrate life.

The 6th is arrival day with registration in the afternoon and welcome meal at 8pm followed by a check-in of the group after dinner.

The 15th is departure day.


Day 1: Arrival: Who am I, where do I come from, where do I want to go?
Day 2: Behaviour: Insight and reflection. How do I create my life?
Day 3: Becoming a whole: Many men become one.
Day 4: Mission: We go together for a greater goal.
Day 5: Vision & Values: I find my way.
Day 6: Serving: We take good care of ourselves and others.
Day 7: Transparency: I face fears, shame and rejection.
Day 8: Accolade: I accept my fate and find my purpose.
Day 9: Take off: I am the conscious leader of my life.

The 6st is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon, registration and the welcome meal at 20:30.

*Prices: include workshop plus accommodation.