Marvin is an artist, he has written and published two books, produces and performs music around Europe. He has lived with and learned from Radical Honesty founder, Dr. Brad Blanton over the course of 5 years. Marvin has radically changed his life at the core from being a consultant for multi-million dollar corporations in New York into being a free noticer and designer of his life, actively involved in Radical Honesty work as one of the first European trainers over the past 3 years.

“I think most human suffering and depression is caused by a lack of close connection to fellow human beings. Once we start opening up to the world around us–tell our story, express ourselves directly, and share our thoughts and feelings–we can create a future of our own design. I want to help you acquire the necessary tools for sharing yourself honestly with the world, get over past hurt and upset, and learn to stay in the present moment while working towards a happy future.”

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