Jan Golden has been learning Tai Chi for 26 years. He is a disciple of Ma Bao Guo of Shanghai from whom he learned the spiralling Hun Yuan Xing Yi Tai Chi forms and qi gong. He was also an Indoor Student to the late Grand Master Tian Yin Jia of Hangzhou, from whom he learned the Old Yang Middle Frame Tai Chi form. This is the original Yang Family form, as Tian Zhao Lin grew up wth the Yang Family as an adopted brother. He is currently learning the Snake Style Tai Chi Form from Bob Boyd, second disciple of Ip Tai Tak, who was the first disciple of Yang Sau Chung, which contains the secret breathing technique that Grand Master Tian was unable to transmit in time. His mentor is Chris Chappell from Real Taoism in London and he is a Dzogchen student of Namkhai Norbu. His website is www.taichi-ireland.com

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