Hen(dri)k Barendregt (1947) studied from 1972 to 1979 Zen meditation with Kobun Chino Roshi (1938-2002) in California, and from 1977 to 2006 Vipasssana meditation with Phra Mettavihari (1942-2007). In 2006 he was qualified with 13 other senior students to teach vipassana in the Mahasi style.

Henk Barendregt studied Mathematical Logic in 1971 at Utrecht University, where he received his doctorate cum laude in 1971 under Dirk van Dalen en Georg Kreisel. His best known works in logic are The Lambda Calculus, Its Syntax and Semantics (translated into Russian and Chinese), 1981, Elsevier, and Lambda Calculus with Types, 2013, Cambridge University Press.

Henk Barendregt has received substantial personal research funds from Nijmegen University (1997) and the Spinoza award in 2002 from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO). Given funds enabelled him to direct an interdisciplinary research group towards understanding insight meditation and its effects in neuropsychological terms, see link Dhamma pages. Barendregt, Knight in the Order of the Nederlandse Leeuw (Dutch Lion), holds memberships of the Academia Europaea, the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.