Mirjam Hartkamp

Mirjam Hartkamp (1980) graduated in Art Therapies and Cognitive science, with a certificate in psychotherapy. She also studied western and Buddhist philosophy. Having worked in Spain, Argentina, The Netherlands and Malta, she currently lives in Rome working on her doctorate research in meditation and well-being (La Sapienza University, cognitive psychology).

As a therapist she works from a Buddhist perspective. Mirjam started practicing Vipassana intensively in 2009, with teachers from East and West and started teaching in 2013. In her teachings she emphasizes the cultivation of radical self acceptance and love; applying metta [loving kindness] to self and others is crucial for transformation and insight.

She dedicates her life to the Dhamma; on a personal (practice), interpersonal (teaching and psychological consults) and impersonal level (research), wishing to deepen liberating knowledge and cultivate compassionate happiness. She (co-)conducts yearly several intensive retreats.

Mirjam is board member of the Dutch Insight Meditation Foundation (SIM) and works with the international organization Compassion, Mindfulness and Conciousness (CMC)

Email: Mirjam Hartkamp <mhartkamp@gmail.com>

Website (under construction) www.matterofmind.org


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