Alison Goldie is a drama facilitator and life-coach. Her background is in theatre and broadcasting as a performer, director, teacher and roving reporter. All her work is about communication and creativity leading to self-knowledge and greater understanding of others. Her speciality is improvisation and she has worked with a diverse range of people all over the world to help them enjoy their lives by embracing fun, laughter and spontaneity. Her book The Improv Book: Improvisation for Theatre, Comedy, Education and Life was published in 2015. See

As a Facilitator-in-Residence Alison will be offering improv workshops, suitable for all levels, in which she will expertly hold the space for playing a wide range of games and exercises covering creative brainstorming, storytelling, character-building, status-play and finding your distinctive voice.

The classes will give you confidence and the ability to think on your feet. They will stimulate you and help unlock your exciting and limitless imagination. Alison aims to broaden performance skills (for life and art), motivate mind and body, encourage team-work and collaboration and release lots of laughter in the process. Each workshop is accessible to absolutely everyone, and gently and incrementally allows participants to step outside of their comfort zones.

Alison will also offer one-on-one coaching, at mutually convenient times. She is a qualified and practising life-coach and for 60 minutes, or more if you would like it, will actively listen to your issue or dilemma and help you to make a plan for constructive action to take away with you from your holiday. Whether it be work, your personal life, an unfulfilled yearning or a chance to let off steam, Alison will confidentially and calmly enable you to become closer to what you really need from life. And these coaching sessions can take place on the beach, in the garden or on a gentle walk. See

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