PLAYFUL INTSTINCT – Outrageously fun improv and resiliency games for groups

Energizing, fun, and highly effective guided games and communication tools that quickly relieve mountains of stress, free the self-critical mind, boost energy, deepen connections and build community. Based on professional improv principles and brain balancing exercises, we are able to experience a heightened level of resilience, creativity, listening skills, relationships, personal expression, intuition and a recharge of our innate playful spirit,

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct” (Carl Jung)

ABOUT AUDREY FLINT – After spending 25 years teaching theatre and dance in schools, working as a professional director and choreographer and facilitating groups and camps, Audrey developed Playful Instinct workshops. These workshops were created out of the most effective warm-up games and improv principles found over years of teaching many ages and abilities. She discovered these techniques were not only the most fun part of classes and rehearsals, but also the most powerful and effective ways for people to focus in the moment, engage more deeply with each other, express themselves more authentically, and tap into their innate creativity. At the core of Playful Instinct workshops are group games and partner exercises, all designed to relieve the busy, self-critical mind and trust our natural instincts. When the critical mind gets out of the way, we have access to our deepest creativity, personal expression, and highest potential. It is in this place that change can happen. Audrey is also a certified Heartmath facilitator.

Audrey Flint




BROADWAY DANCE FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE – If you have ever secretly imagined yourself dancing on Broadway or in a Movie musical, or if you love show tunes, Broadway Dance for ordinary People is perfect for you. In this popular class, Participants learn easy, gentle steps and short routines to classic Broadway music, such as Mama Mia, Cabaret, Grease and more. No dance experience necessary. All levels and abilities welcome. An Optional informal performance can be arranged at the end of classes.

“We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance” Japanese Proverb


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