Carmen is a holistic therapist based in Brighton (UK). She has been interested in the body’s ability to heal itself for as long as she remembers. She is a Yuan Gong Qigong teacher and a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and self-care facilitator as well as a reflexologist; She also holds a diploma in Natural Nutrition studied with Barbara Wren in Devon.

She has been practising Jin Shin Jyutsu since 2009. JSJ is like acupuncture (without needles) and acupressure (without pressure); a light touch healing therapy that can be self-applied so she teaches it as well as treat people individually. JSJ is a physio-philosophy; it’s the art of harmonizing the body energy lines, so we relax and recharge at the same time. A life changing experience if you practice it regularly.

Since 2013 her study of Ren Xue (the science of human life) and Yuan Gong Qigong, have had a transformative effect on both her private and professional life. Learning about self-awareness is the foundation for healing and can lead effortlessly to helping other help themselves.

Yuan Gong is easy to learn and very effective for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; it consists of 9 methods that support a deep life healing process, from the very basic physical disharmonies to the most entrenched attitudes and habits that represent a hindrance to growth and happiness. Ren Xue is a life cultivation system that encompasses Yuan gong as a therapeutic modality; it is a comprehensive tool created to help us achieve a healthier and happier life.


Carmen spent her childhood in Spain,  even though she has been training in New Zealand, today she is Brighton-based, and offers retreats and workshops abroad. She loves and visits Spain and South America regularly.
She is focused on spreading the word as widely as possible. The Ren Xue motto (Zi Du Du Ren) ‘help yourself and help others’ is both her life and her drive. As soon as she learnt about body energy (Qi) she felt compelled to share it. For the last decade, she has been deepening her understanding of human nature through Qigong and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Now she teaches both Qigong and Jin Shin Jyutsu (self-help) as they support self-awareness as the foundation for healing.

“We can better our lives and the society we live in by connecting with ourselves, others and nature. We are a totality. “