Alida Angela Maugeri

Once we embrace yoga totally anything can happen if we trust and surrender.  Yoga brings people on new paths which all lead to inner transformation.

At Kalikalos I will enthusiastically facilitate hatha yoga and yoga nidra sessions as follows.

Through my hatha class I firstly aim to promote body awareness. Performing daily a different set of asanas the practitioner can gradually acknowledge the totality of its own body.

When we come fully in contact with our body, it is possible to experience the asana practice with a more meditative state of mind combining the movements with a conscious breathing.

Practice after practice will rebalance and  restore the inner energies.

During yoga nidra I will guide the practitioner through a deep and full body relaxation. A meditative feeling can be experienced by those who are already familiar with this technique.

This practice helps not only to release muscular tension but also to develop a major control over stress and emotions. The session last roughly 30/ 45 minutes and its benefits correspond to three hours of normal sleep. The practitioner feels restored, rested and positive at the end of the practice.