Gabrielle-HaslauerGabrielle Haslauer:

Mentally emotionally healing and Merkaba-treatment

Mentally emotionally healing reminds you in the healing power in yourself. It´s a great “tool” on the way to self-empowerment. As well as to feel the connection with your true self again, which is after Gabrielle’s understanding the cause of many troubles, if we don´t feel the connection with our source from everything that is.

We work with intentions: what you want to create in your life and to discover blockades, which prevent you to be fully in the flow of life.
In a safe space, we discover together the blockades and I teach you the “method of mentally emotionally healing” which enables you to dive deeper and deeper in your holy space of love. In the Merkaba-treatment, I let myself lead intuitively through your aura and gain more information, which we use for new intentions.

This two “methods” in combination cause deep relaxation, feeling “new born” and connected with yourself. In a loving space, you are warmly welcome to dive deeper in the wonder you are.

Gabrielle works as a social worker more than a decade and parallel to this, she is curious about her own spiritual development. She covered her curiosity in many seminars and self-exploration like “prana-nutrition”, non-duality, kinesiology, mentally-emotionally healing, Merkaba-treatment and many more. In her offer, these two path flow together: the knowledge and the experience she gained in social work as well as her self-studies on the spiritual path. Languages: German, English, French

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